Hello world, welcome to the website of EVS at Lífsmotun!

I’m Maria Bischof from Germany and I’m the volunteer of 2013/2014 here at Lífsmotun. My project is called “Change and be the change” and one part of it is to create and run this website. You can already or will soon be able to find information about all the projects in the past and in the future of Lífstmotun, either as a hosting organization or as a sending organization.

On this first page you will find my blog, where you can get a closer look on the things I am doing here in Iceland every day. Most of the time it will be in English, maybe sometimes in German and later on even in Icelandic (a big maybe at this point :D).

I’m already here for 2 and a half month, so I will try to work on a short summary of the things that have happened during this time.

Greetings from Laugar,