Ekki bless, bless heldur sjáumst…

Dear friends,

today was my last day as an EVS-volunteer and I guess it’s time to write a last post. I signed my Final Report and my Youth Pass, I had my very last work day and I only have 4 more days left in Iceland. I took part in the closing ceremonies at high school and primary school, said goodbye to the kingarden kids and to a lot of other people. With every day my suitcases get fuller and Vadshólar emptier and it all feels very weird. I’m going to miss everything here, the swimming pool, the schools, the kids, my work, the food and all the wonderful people I got to know during the last 10 months. But at the same time I am excited about going back home to Germany! And somehow I feel ready to go home, because of the old friends and new challenges that await me there. And because of all the good memories and changes I experienced here. I know that the things I learned and did here in Iceland will never leave me and that I will always be welcome to come back here. And oh, I will come back! 😀

I’m going back home, but I also leave home here, which makes me feel sad but even more, it makes me grateful and confident.

Thanks for all the support, love and friendship in the last 10 months – Takk fyrir mig!


Maria 🙂

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