A walk in the wilderness 2011/2012

Project duration: 

11 months

About the volunteers:

Paulina Ślusarczyk

Clement Varga

  • Clement’s thoughts on his EVS after 5 months:

“My name is Clement Vargas, I come from France and I have been volunteering in Iceland since the 3rd of August 2011. So now, I´ve already been in Iceland for 5 months and I just cannot believe how the time has flown.

I´m working and living in a little village called Laugar, 45 minutes away from Akureyri,  in the north of Iceland. It is a really beautiful place and there is a lot of things to see around here, like the lave field in the Myvatn area.

There are two schools in Laugar, a primary school for the children who live in Laugar or around the village and a boarding school for students from all over Iceland. There is also a sports hall with a swimming pool and a hot tub.

During the week  I work  in the primary school, I help the children in Art classes and Maths classes. I also work in the high school where I will help with French lessons next semester and in the sports hall.

I really like my work, I like working with the children in primary school and getting to know them. Even if we don´t always understand each other, I really enjoy myself and I feel like I am a part of a big family.

But the work is not always easy, especially in the boarding school, where it is difficult to help the teenagers when they don´t want it. I still have to find a way to reach them, even if sometimes I just want to give up.

The life in Laugar is really nice. I lived in a big city in France and now I am living in a small village, so sometimes I feel really isolated but that was the feeling I was looking for. And even if sometimes it is difficult, it is always difficult to live abroad, it is a great experience.

I got to know the real Icelandic culture in this village and also to learn the language, which is probably the hardest time I have here. I am able to understand just a little so far, so I have to keep trying until it finally comes.

The wintertime is hard and dark here, but I like it very much even if it is freaking cold. The lack of sun can be a bit disturbing but it is a great experience to live.

I can´t believe that almost half of my volunteering  time here is over, and I already feel sad when I think of the end.  I have learned so much about Iceland and also about myself and I know I am going to learn more.

I will now attend the second semester here and I will welcome it with my head full of passion, courage and hope.”