Summer is coming!

8th of June (Achter Juni; Áttundi Júní)

Wow it has been a while!

The last months in Babenhausen have been full of activities and surprises. The weather has been really nice, but at times it is just too warm for me!

Appletree in the "Jubi" gardenIn the "Jubi" garden
In March I went on my On-Arrival-Training in Bornheim (Near Cologne (Köln) and Bonn) along with 20 other EVS volunteers in Germany. The seminar was 10 days long and took place in a Youth Center a bit outside of the town, so it was quet and really comfortable (except for my allergies).
On this seminar we learned about all sorts of stuff connecting our EVS projekts and our rights as volunteers, also about German history and culture.

The half-done plan for my seminar.
One day during the seminar, we went to Köln (Cologne), were we visited the “NS-Dokumentationszentrum”, located in the EL-DE building, site of the Gestapo (secret police). The museum deals with political and social life in Köln during the Nazi period. In the basement is a memorial site, showing the cells prisoners were helt in and you can still see their drawing and writings on the walls.

We also visited Bonn, the former capital city of Germany (I did not know that, thank you Icelandic school system). There we went to the “Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland”, so basicly a museum about german history.

The handwriting of J. F. Kennedy, Ich bin ein Berliner.

Afterwards we had some time for us in Bonn, so I met up with a good friend of my mothers, and her husband, and we went for dinner in a lovely Italian restaurant.


After that seminar I went back to Babenhausen and continued my regular workingdays in the “Jubi” in Babenhausen. Most days I work along with house staff on a regular basis job (like preparing grouprooms, going to the postoffice, assist guests and more) and some days I am lucky enough to assist with the seminars for children and youngsters.

In preparation for the “Europe moves” projekt, me, along with the other volunteers, made a Europemap:

The outlines have been drawn. Starting to paint the ocean around the countries. Starting to see the picture here. Done with the ocean. Starting to paint the countries in different colours. More painting. Starting to look really nice ... And done, all countries not in the EU are white.

In April we had a week long “Europe moves” seminar for youngsters (14-17) from Babenhausen, München, Croatia and Spain (hope I didn’t forget anything) and I got to assist in some topics, along with the trip to Strasbourg were we went to the European Parlament and also looked at the city (Although we did not have much time, to bad).

European parlament seen from the outside. European parlament, inside. Reykjavík; 3300 km. Inside the Notre Dame Strasbourg

In May I went home for a short vacation, to see my family and friends, but also to accept my diploma and be there for graduation. I actually surprised my family, I had told them that I would land very late on the 22nd of Mai in Iceland and come home on 23rd, so when I showed up late at night on the 21st, it’s safe to say they were surprised!
I had lovely days with my friends and with my family and I miss them already.

On the way home, to my beautiful Iceland.                                                       Got my diploma!

Next week my mother and little brother come to Germany and I will spend a whole week with them, showing them around Babenhausen but also going to my visit my grandparents and some other relatives.

Now I have a long weekend and I am staying at home. Yesterday I went with Barbara (The woman in Babenhausen who owns the Icelandic horses), and her husband, to Ravensburg. Today I went horsebackriding with Barbara in the sun, it is so warm so the poor horses did not have much energy, but nontheless, it was great!

Now I should go outside again in the sun, around 30° today, so I am red as a tomato and sweating like a pig.

Now I’ll go to the “Strawberryfield” and get my some strawberries.

I’ll keep you guys updated; hopefully it wont take as long as till now to update my blog…

Love from the sun in Babenhausen

Rakel Ösp Aðalsteinsdóttir